Rolf Benz 921 Dining Table

Rolf Benz 921 Dining Table – the potential for regular gatherings

The Rolf Benz 921 dining table combines the romance of a traditional inn with modern design, providing plenty of legroom as you dine. Invite guests round for food, and what you present on the solid table top is up to you. If the last round is served late into the evening, your guests can put their feet up on the wooden crossbeam.

Rolf Benz 921offers even greater freedom, however: as well as selecting your optimal table length, from 180, 200 to 220 and 240 up to 260 cm – you can also choose between a table top with straight or slightly chamfered edges.

Whether you choose natural or black stained oak, American walnut or old grey, an exciting mix of materials is always guaranteed. Metal frame is available in Umbra grey or Traffic black finish. Naturally, we also offer Rolf Benz seating options for your table. After all, whether your guests sit on chairs or a bench, there are no last orders here.

Dining table with table top sizes: 180, 200, 220, 240, 260 x 98 cm; Height: 75 cm