Rolf Benz 620 Bench

Rolf Benz 620 Bench – Tradition with a modern twist.

Long since frowned upon as too traditional, Rolf Benz 620 heralds a whole new interpretation of the seating bench in modern dining rooms. It combines perfectly with the Rolf Benz 620 range of chairs. Its highly practical and clear shape makes it blend beautifully with many other chairs and tables. The solid side panels of the 620 bench are attached to the seating surface without projecting and are covered in the material of the seat and the seatback. Matt or high-gloss chrome-plated runners are available as an alternative foot design. The dining bench is available in the basic version as well as a seat or corner bench in many different sizes and combinations. The best solution is therefore possible for almost any floor plan.

Seat height: 48 cm – Seat depths: 48 cm