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Byok Fino Table Lamp – “Fino” comes from the Italian word for “slim”. The striking feature of this perfectly designed table lamp by BYOK is the perception of the smooth material.

For Byok Fino Table Lamp, function and design go hand in hand. Pointed contour milling and shaping with distinctive edging has turned the flat aluminium into a clear, three-dimensional work of art with a liquid basic structure from just one single blank. The asymmetrical design offers a new view of the sweeping proportions from every angle.

Fino Table Lamp is a hand-crafted sculpture that is never boring to look at. The horizontal shade generates very pleasant glare-free light. In addition to the downwards flow of direct light, the translucent opaline upper cover sheds flattering uplight into the room.

A ring mounting stabilises the shade cylinder at both edges of the Byok Fino Table Lamp. The striking black base discs give the lamp stability in a masterful final design statement, while ensuring that the supports cannot damage delicate surfaces. It is controlled by a mechanical pull switch – a deliberate choice that is right in tune with the lamp’s puristic style.

Fabric-coated cable woven through the base section turns a technical necessity into a central design feature. Fino Table Lamp is connected by a plug-in power transformer.