Rolf Benz 50 Sofa by BECK DESIGN – The 50th anniversary sofa system is a tribute to modern furniture design and excellent craftsmanship and fine details from Rolf Benz.  RB50 offers timeless modern look and amazing comfort in your living space, whether as a one-piece sofa or sectional, in fabric or leather. 

As homage to the Rolf Benz Addiform, Rolf Benz 50 is a celebration of the 1964 design icon. The Rolf Benz 50 has numerous intricate details allowing for a pure sense of elegance and craftsmanship. Its shapes allows you to relax and lounge on a whole new level.

The RB50 is available in the following options:

Widths: approximately 84 inches, 92 inches or 100 inches
Heights: approximately 16 inches or 17 inches
Seat Depths: approximately 23 inches or 27.5 inches.

It has several modular elements with function.
It is available in over 230 fabrics and 100 leather upholstery covers