Freistil 141

Freistil by Rolf Benz 141 Sofa – a concept sofa that can be customized to your needs.

The freistil141 is a sofa that oozes freedom. Narrow, wide – or even movable? The three side panel variants allow you to adjust the shape. Do you prefer to sit formally or in a more relaxed way? How high would you like to sit? What fits in your living room? Single sofa, corner sofa, spacious sofa island or even an armchair?

You can create your own world exactly the way you want it with the freistil 141 sofa. Available in a variety of heights, widths, upholsteries and modular elements.

Two basic types: with legs (1) or down to the ground (2)
Basic types with legs: three side part variants and eight leg variants
Two levels of sitting comfort: Classic or Lounge
Two seat depths: 22 in or 23 in
Two seat heights: 17 in or 18 in
Five sofa widths
Eight modular elements