Rolf Benz 322 – A dynamic design that leads to unparalleled relaxation.

The 322 sofa has always had a strong presence. Whether it be in spacious surroundings or in small rooms, it provides the perfect basis anywhere for stylish living and feeling great. The art of opposites is probably the best way to describe the interplay between the compact body and the soft, flowing lines of the classic Rolf Benz 322. The angled, striking aluminium legs blend harmoniously into the gently curving sides. The result: exciting design for unparalleled relaxation.

Available in a variety of customizable options. The 322 allows cubism to meet sensual elegance.

The 322 is available in the following options:

Widths:  approximately 66 inches, 74.5 inches or 83 inches
Height: approximately 16 inches
Seat Depth: approximately 23 inches

It is a singular, free-standing sofa.
It is available in over 230 fabrics and 100 leather upholstery covers.