Freifrau Kya Barstool / Kitchenstool / Stool Seat

Freifrau Kya Barstool – A stool like a horse saddle.
The “Neuland. Paster & Geldmacher” design duo has developed a stool you can sit on like a traditional chair or straddle like a saddle.

A good riding saddle offers firm, comfortable support and enables you to react flexibly to the challenges that arise when people and animals travel together. Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher dealt intensively with the centuries-old saddlery and developed a range of seating furniture from it. On Freifrau Kya barstool you can sit traditionally or – like on a saddle – astride. A charming, expressive bar stool that is also healthy: it invites you to change your position, play with different seating options and is good for your back, which is often too one-sided. 

Available with wooden or steel frame.