Rolf Benz Sono

Rolf Benz Sono Bed – Blissful Cocooning, in the Best Rolf Benz Quality

At first glance, the eyes are immediately drawn to the Rolf Benz SONO’s headboard, with its strikingly beautiful workmanship and lavish diamond-shaped gathering. In the leather version especially, the incredible craftsmanship of our upholsterers is expressed here more than ever. Despite the appealingly subtle opulence, the bed – not least thanks to its drawn-in filigree feet – looks lightweight and elegant. It is a true overall piece of art and almost too beautiful to close your eyes in when sleeping.

Rolf Benz SONO bed is available in three widths and two lengths. The perfect companion for the bed: the Rolf Benz 918 upholstered bench, which also features beautifully crafted gatherings.

Design: Back Design