Freifrau Nana Love Seat

Freifrau Nana Love Seat – like sitting on a cloud.

Like sitting on a cloud together: that’s the Freifrau Nana Couch and the Nana Love Seat, the first additions to the Nana line designed by Hanne Willmann. Her design is the perfect combination of unparalleled softness with a straightforward, unfussy aesthetic. Since the Nana Chair unveiled in 2021, a sofa and a generously proportioned armchair have now followed. Both are best understood as a joint homage to the art of upholstery – and one which, in spite of their voluminous look, is characterised by simple, yet refined elegance. Nana was Hanne Willmann’s first piece for Freifrau. The Berlin-based designer found inspiration for the chair by concentrating on softness and thickness. As such, it’s no surprise that the finished design is reminiscent of tufts of cloud. All in all, Nana was created to offer maximum simplicity and true design perfection with an as yet unparalleled level of comfort.

“Taking the Nana Chair and developing new pieces from it was by no means a simple matter of just rescaling design elements up to sofa and armchair size,” says Hanne Willmann. “So to make sure that both retained the highest possible levels of comfort, we adapted each part of the Nana design to the new shape.” Regardless of the changes, however, Willmann focused on retaining key details and, above all, on keeping the straight, simple serenity of the overall design.
The Freifrau Nana Love Seat is available in a wide range of materials and colours. The Nana Pouf completes the new look.