Freifrau Leyasol Wingback Swing Seat

Freifrau Leyasol Wingback Swing Seat – The Sun Worshipper
Leyasol gets you outdoors for moments of relaxation. Following the style of the Leya model family, Leyasol is designed for outdoors – and for indoors.

Freifrau Leyasol Wingback Swing Seat outdoor indoor
Freifrau Leyasol Wingback Swing Seat for Outdoor / Indoor

The design duo Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss designed the Leya model – now one of the new classics. A filigree, weather-resistant wire frame imitates the feminine lines, and the shell shape develops its own special conciseness. Large, soft down pillows convey the typically soft and casual feeling. 

Leyasol is perfect for both indoor and outdoor. It brings its own tension to the arrangement at the dining table indoors and outdoors in summer. The pillows filled with high-quality synthetic down are easily removable and stowable. Depending on the cover, they are even weatherproof. 

Technical Note

Moving parts should be checked regularly by their users for signs of wear.
In order to keep products of the outdoor collection in good condition for as long as possible, we recommend storing the cushions separately from the frames during the cold & wet season. Please store the outdoor frames in closed, dry rooms to avoid condensation. It is necessary to clean regularly with mild, biodegradable liquid soap and water, and dry subsequently dry to protect the surface from corrosion. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners and brushes. Caution at the seaside and near the pool: When used in marine environments, salt can accumulate in “crevices” on the product and rapidly attack the coating from there. In pool environments, chlorine can build up on the surface and damage it. In both environments, repeated condensation and evaporation can lead to accumulations of corrosive and aggressive substances, especially in crevices on the product.

Regular cleaning will ensure that deposits are removed and the surface coating of the furniture is properly protected. Maintenance intervals: Aggressive environment (sea, industrial areas, swimming pools) – every 3 months; Average environment (urban area) – every 6 months.