Byok Mikado Floor Lamp – The dancer

The Mikado’s asymmetrical legs seem random, almost playful in their arrangement, growing out of the symmetrical, voluminous head of the large floor lamp. The straight lines of the legs contrast strikingly with the almost organic form they emerge from; viewed from different angles, the floor lamp’s proportions shift and change, exuding a lively, dynamic energy. While rooms may change and shift constantly, Mikado’s wondrously delicate voluminousness is an anchor of serenity. The lamp is a masterpiece of functional subtlety and, at the same time, a light-filled invitation to engage in contemplative interior design. And to meet all needs it comes in two sizes: MIKADO L (175cm), MIKADO XL (200cm).

The separate dimmability (Dim2Warm) of the lampshade and the integrated, downward-pointing spotlight are technical features that give flexibility.

Whether in the lobby of a boutique hotel, the living room of a late-19th century home or the foyer of a Bauhaus villa, the Byok Mikado Floor Lamp shines brightest in rooms that give it plenty of space.